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Dethena Featured By Owner Jul 6, Unlike Batman, she planned to leave them both with a few scars. Sissy girl pictures. Darth Vader Recognizes His Old Lightsaber. Poison ivy mind control. They run into Ivy, who is talking to her plants presumably being told that Piper and Trickster hurt them , to which she reacts by tying them up in vines with the intention of killing them. Brought down the criminal empire of Shadaloo Defeated Urien -Although it is possible Urien was holding back Survived the destruction of the S.

Despite having different motivations than the rest of Batman's rogues gallery, Ivy is not above forming alliances with the other villains if it suits her goals. My wife is a slut story. Had I known this was how it would have all come together, I would have taken your little robin years ago.

I want to be with you, I want to please you, I need you. I always have the last laugh bitch. When there, Catwoman sees that Ivy has been keeping the Riddler under mind control so that she and Harley could use his townhouse as a hideout. You know, this is just like Death in the Family, except instead of Joker beating Robin to death with a crowbar, Poison Ivy has defeated him with softcore internet pornography. Buy Art Buy Core Membership. It is hinted that she knows Batgirl's true identiy but decides to keep it a secret.

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Posts Topics Advanced Search. Virginity blood sex. She is then shown to have joined the Injustice League. Black Manta Black Spider Eric Needham Bronze Tiger Cheetah Count Vertigo Deathstroke Doctor Light Arthur Light Duchess Lashina Killer Frost Louise Lincoln Killer Frost Caitlin Snow Joker's Daughter King Faraday King Shark Lobo Nemesis Thom Tresser Nightshade Oracle Parasite Plastique Poison Ivy Punch and Jewelee Vic Sage Slipknot Unknown Soldier Vixen.

Robin was about to reply saying that she did look a bit green, but Batman grabbed his arm, fired his grappling hook, and dragged him away into the night before he could say another word. Poison Ivy kissing Batman. Poison ivy mind control. She was about to call it a night when a familiar voice rang out. Also excuse my laziness haha. It was intense fighting. Xnxx big bobs. She apparently survives the shipwreck and returns in several spin-off series, including Static Shock , and the Gotham Girls web-toon, in which she held a co-starring role.

Goddammit, Robin, get on the internet or something. It's time- Yang Xiao Long: Here, Catwoman decides that with Gotham City more dangerous than ever with all the gang wars and a new Batman, a partnership with the other two women would be advantageous. Ivy grinned at how well her pheromones worked and how completely off guard she had caught him.

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Over the years, she develops plant-like superpowers, the most noticeable being a lethal toxin in her lips; she is able to literally kill with a kiss. This was a bank robbery, not a sexual fantasy. Her arrogance towards the situation almost turned him on. Buy Art Buy Core Membership. Robin went back to the scene afterwards to look for her, to look for a clue. Poison ivy mind control. Poison Ivy is a member of the original Injustice Gang of the World, which fights the Justice League on several occasions.

Navigation Character Wiki Videos 8 Images Forum 93 News Recommended reading Comics Related Pages Friends Enemies Teams Movies. She was at a dock having taken a walk and she had come upon it. Wedge pillow liberator. The purpose of this is to create a world economy run on hemp and to have their offspring control it.

Her plan was to wait till some criminal showed themselves; it would be the only thing to draw him out. The Animated Series Batman Beyond The Batman Batman: And now I feel up to reading your Delsin fight.

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