Paying homage to great design

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I’m just too excited not to share this, however shameless the promotion.

Check out the front page design from the Technician, the daily student newspaper I advise at North Carolina State University. Look familiar? Check out its inspiration.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 9

We had a great discussion over the summer (shortly after I was hired as a production assistant) about the wonderfully designed front by The Plain Dealer‘s Emmet Smith and Michael Tribble on the departure of LeBron James. When news broke at about 3 p.m. that the vice chancellor for Student Affairs, a 40-year employee of the university, announced his retirement, the Technician staff sprung into action, eliciting help from the Agromeck yearbook and the student-run radio station WKNC.

Even if it was a little hectic behind the scenes (as Design Editor Taylor Cashdan pointed out on Facebook), I think the staff’s quick response is what enabled this thing to happen at all.

With only this front page in mind, two photographers and a reporter hoofed it across campus to capture the candid images they needed for the designers, along with a few portraits and a last-minute interview. Staffers back at the office called past and present student leaders, other campus administrators and even the guy that hired the vice chancellor for his current position back in 1983. Designers mocked up the pages, completely altering the normal layout and redesigning the masthead to give the front a more streamlined look. The sports editor even gave up coveted display space on page eight to make room for the special coverage.

And they didn’t neglect the Web for print. All the while, every free reporter, editor and designer looked through hundreds of pages of yearbooks and Technician issues to find, scan and color correct images over the vice chancellor’s 40-year tenure. Although several were used for the print edition, all of them were included in an photo gallery posted online by 6 p.m. that evening. Oh, and they updated the online story, Facebook and Twitter throughout the night.

Congrats to Editor-in-Chief Amanda Wilkins, Managing Editor Biko Tushinde, News Editor Chelsey Francis, Deputy News Editor Chris Boucher, Design Editor Taylor Cashdan, Agromeck Editor Susannah Brinkley, Photo Editor Jordan Moore, senior photographer Luis Zapata and everyone else who worked hard last night to make this happen.

  • Bradley Wilson

    I might also add that there was a great deal of cooperation among the professional staff members too. The radio station adviser, Jamie Lynn Gilbert, worked with general manager Tommy Anderson to get on the air moments after the announcement. I worked with photographers to get slideshow online, to select portraits and images and get them scanned and with yearbook staff to find the images. And Martha, Brian and Krystal kept the office moving as we all got distracted helping the teams of students. The cliché: it takes a village… This village formed a team last night, and I was proud of each and every one of them — student and professional staff alike.

  • Tyler Dukes

    Thanks for clearing up that omission Bradley!