Electronics firm sums up state of journalism

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I caught this gem of a commercial from Allied Electronics while watching the Science Channel over the long weekend.

I didn’t quite expect to burst out laughing at the end, when an older engineer decides to bash his younger colleague across the face with his six-inch thick catalog.

I thought volley between the electronics engineers was analogous to the battle between print and Web journalism — even the behavior seems to match.


- Young, tech-savvy rookie snidely touts the benefits of the slick online interface of the Web

- Curmudgeon defends print, citing nostalgia and intrinsic beauty of physical product

- Tech-savvy rookie counters with insult, calling curmudgeon a “dinosaur,” raves about instant nature of the Internet

- Curmudgeon responds with violence.

So which are you, curmudgeon or techy-savvy rookie? Vote and get a free T-shirt from Allied Electronics.

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