‘Garbage Girl’ talks Spot.us and media’s future

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Some news stories are just plain expensive.

That’s the case for in-depth investigations that require tons of sources and extensive research, and it’s true for long-term stories that require reporters to dig in for weeks or months to get the big picture. But it certainly holds true for sending journalists out to the middle of the ocean.

But that didn’t stop Lindsey Hoshaw from trying.

A freelance journalist specializing in environmental reporting, Hoshaw harbors a deep interest in trash — and in 2008, her eye was on the swirling vortex of it floating in the middle of the Pacific. Read the rest of this entry »

In defense of CNN and process journalism

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cnn_failBack in June, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch got into a bit of a spat with The New York Times’ Damon Darlin over an article disputing the trustworthiness of many popular blogs.

Arrington’s claims sparked an interesting discussion on “process journalism,” a technique that essentially boils down to telling the reader what you know and don’t know in almost real time.

Friday, as outrage grew over CNN’s reporting of a Coast Guard training exercise on the Potomac near the site of the president’s 9/11 anniversary speech, the Nieman Journalism Lab asked an interesting question on Twitter.

In tweeting “suspicious boat…shots fired,” @CNN was practicing what we call process journalism, right?

As a cynical, newspaper-trained journalist and the proud son of a retired Coast Guard master chief, my gut reaction was to flame CNN.

What ever happened to verification? Responsibility!? The truth!? Basic Journalism!?!?

But the lab’s question made me stop and think. Read the rest of this entry »